Engineering Inside:

2012 Issue 1
Crime Scene Investigation

Development of Forensic Software to detect original paintings is not easy!

January 2012
Credit: Ergun Akleman

Credit: Ergun Akleman

The most expensive painting ever created is No.5 by Jackson Pollock, which was sold for $140M.  In his December 2002 scientific American article, Richard Taylor from the University of Oregon shows that fractal analysis can be used to authenticate Pollock Paintings.  Taylor mentions that a Pollock style painting can be created by a bush connected to a tree branch during a storm.  The painting here is, in fact, fake, and was created using a mixture of several Pollock & Rockwell paintings.  For my homage to Norman Rockwell, search for Rockwell’s “Connoisseur” in Google images.

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  • Your writing style is unique; it has helped me understand Fast Forword more clearly. Thank you.

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