Engineering Inside:

2012 Issue 2

Green Technology

Better Living through Green Technology
April 2012

What will the houses of the future look like? If the Earth gets a say in it, they’ll look a lot like what engineers are working on today—sustainably built, sometimes self-reliant ecosystems that make the smallest environmental impact possible. Read More

IEEE Spark Has Been Discontinued

Following a strategic review by IEEE of its education activities, it has been decided to discontinue IEEE Spark. Previous issues of IEEE Spark will remain available until the end of 2017. Visitors can also continue to take advantage of IEEE’s other pre-university education resources including ( and IEEE (

Meet Kimberly Newman

April 2012

Kimberly Newman is a Research Associate in the Department of Electrical, Computer, and Energy Engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Her area of research is in biomedical engineering, where she focuses on biomedical monitoring, but she is also interested in renewable energy. She focuses on security issues related to the emerging smart grid, and recently she was instrumental in applying solar power technology to Denver Health Medical Center’s ambulance fleet. Read More

How to Recycle Your Own Paper!

April 2012

Many towns encourage residents to save used paper products which are then recycled. But, did you know that you can recycle paper yourself in your home? In large scale paper recycling, the first step can be the most challenging: encouraging people to gather used paper instead of throwing it out! Once it’s collected, the paper is shredded and soaked in water or special fluids to break it down into fibers. Read More

Green Engineering

Credit: Ergun Akleman

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IEEE Spark Challenge

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Try Your Hand at Solar Car Racing!

Sometimes the best way to understand what engineers do or to explore how technology works is to try your hand at it! IEEE has an exciting new game you can plan online where players design and race a solar car!

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2012 IEEE Green Technologies Conference

Because of increasing concerns about fossil fuel costs, supplies and emissions, scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs are more closely examining the commercial viability of renewable energy sources.

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