Engineering Inside:

2012 Issue 3

Try Engineering by Playing Games!

July 2012

There are loads of games out there to play, but just a few that can give you a chance to see tryengineering_games_screenshotwhat engineers do. has developed several games that let you be the engineer — you can have fun playing and learn at the same time!

At you’ll find a Bionic Arm Design Challenge so you can virtually build and test your own bionic arm design. There’s also a fun and fast paced trivia game called Questioneering, where you test your engineering knowledge and can play against friends or just go for the high score. Or, try out the Solar Car Racing game and design and race a car that will perform well on different types of tracks.

And that’s not all…there are dozens of games linked from that allow questioneering_screenshotyou to do everything from building a lifeboat, to designing a roller coaster, to crafting a trebuchet to destroy a castle wall. There’s also a fun game called “Invention Connection” through which you can trace the paths of innovation from the microwave to the mouse.

With so many games to choose from, it may be tough to pick one — but give a few a try and learn about engineering while you have fun!

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Try Engineering by Playing Games!

There are loads of games out there to play, but just a few that can give you a chance to see what engineers do.

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