Engineering Inside:

2013 Issue 1


Engineering to Infinity and Beyond
June 2013

Imagine traveling through space, hundreds of miles above the Earth. The only thing between you and the cold, dark, space surrounding you is your spacecraft. Suddenly an alarm sounds! There is a problem with one of the control circuits. You and your crew are in serious danger…Read More

IEEE Spark Has Been Discontinued

Following a strategic review by IEEE of its education activities, it has been decided to discontinue IEEE Spark. Previous issues of IEEE Spark will remain available until the end of 2017. Visitors can also continue to take advantage of IEEE’s other pre-university education resources including ( and IEEE (

Meet Burt Dicht!

June 2013

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to design air or spacecraft? We’ve interviewed Burt Dicht who spent several years working as an engineer in the aerospace industry. He has worked on such projects as the F- 5E Tiger II, the F20A Tigershark, the F-18E/F Super Hornet, the YF-23A Advanced Tactical Fighter, and the Space Shuttle.Read More

Folding Matters

June 2013

Did you know that origami and engineering share something in common? Folding! From heart stents, to airbags, to collapsible solar panels on spacecraft, folding lets engineers fit big ideas into small packages. Test your engineering skills by developing a solar panel that can be folded into a box for shipping to the international space station.Read More

IEEE Spark Challenge

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Explore your Career Interests Online!

Considering a major in engineering, computing, or technology but not sure where to start? A world of information is right at your fingertips — online!

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Blast off with IEEE E-Scientia!

Get ready to boldly take on the role of an engineer in space at a museum near you! IEEE has developed a unique hands-on museum exhibit that invites students to test their engineering skills on an incredible simulated space flight.

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