Engineering Inside:

2013 Issue 1

Explore your Career Interests Online!

June 2013

Considering a major in engineering, computing, or technology but not sure where to start? students at laptopA world of information is right at your fingertips — online! A number of online resources are available to help you explore your interests and learn how to turn them into an exciting and rewarding career.

Want to know more about what it’s really like to study or work in engineering, computing or technology? There are a variety of sites that feature stories of individuals who are working in or studying these professions. The Life of an Engineer section on profiles engineers and undergraduates in many different areas of engineering. IEEE Women in Engineering has also developed a wonderful e-Book which profiles amazing women working in the field of engineering today.

Can’t decide whether you are more interested in computer science or computer engineering? Several sites offer fun quizzes to help you identify some potential careers that you might enjoy based on your interests. For example, the tag cloud feature on IEEE allows you to select words that interest you and then suggests some careers to explore on the site.

If you are looking engineering activities, events, or competitions there are many resources available to assist you. Discover Engineering highlights many different activities that take place during National Engineers Week each February. The Computer Science Education Week website also highlights a number of different computing related activities taking place around the globe.

Interested in learning more about the hottest new technologies and discoveries in the field? There are a number of online magazines and tech blogs that can keep you up to speed with the latest and greatest.  For example IEEE Spectrum explores future technology trends and how those trends impact society and business.

Already interested in studying engineering, computing or technology, but could use some additional financial support? The student opportunities features on and IEEE list scholarship opportunities that can help support your academics.

The sheer amount of information out there can be intimidating. For top quality resources, look for sites sponsored by professional organizations like IEEE or corporations like IBM. You’ll be sure to find an abundance of resources to help you discover how engineering, technology or computing can be made a part of your future.

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Explore your Career Interests Online!

Considering a major in engineering, computing, or technology but not sure where to start? A world of information is right at your fingertips — online!

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