Engineering Inside:

2014 Issue 2

Mix New Music Online!

June 2014

by Robin Hegg

Dj Mixes The Track

ToneBender is a collaborative online game from the Music Entertainment Technology Laboratory (MET-lab) at Drexel University that allows players to adjust the timbre of musical instrument sounds by modifying the sound’s amplitude and overtones. Players can either create new sounds based on real instruments or test their ability to recognize the original instrument by listening to other players’ altered sounds.

Dot Mixer from the Exploratorium in San Francisco lets users play around with “mixing” like audio engineers do in post-production. “Mixing” involves electronically adjusting and combining sounds from more than one source into a single piece of music. The Dot Mixer lets you adjust the volume and timing of different tracks to create your own unique song.

Notessimo is an online music composition program that allows users to create music electronically by simply dragging instruments they choose onto a musical staff. There are hundreds of instruments to choose from. Users can make a note flat or sharp, decide how many beats the note should be held, and adjust the song’s tempo. Users can even save their compositions within the program and share them with others.

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Mix New Music Online!

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