2015 IEEE Spark Innovation through Animation Competition Results

Congratulations to our winners in the 2015 IEEE Spark Innovation through Animation Competition and to all who challenged themselves to develop a creative animation in this year’s competition!

Madeline, Alicia and Alexander Loui

Madeline, Alicia, and Alexander Loui

Judge’s Choice winner:  Madeline Loui & Alicia Loui

Nominated by IEEE Member: Alexander Loui

Animation title: The Future of Fitness

Animation description: We were inspired by the growing awareness of fitness and healthy living, which we combined with technology to create a personalized smart gym. This idea can be made a reality through the use of smart technologies, like intelligent health monitoring, machine learning algorithms, as well as advanced computer vision and pattern recognition technology.

IEEE Spark issue connection: Engineering Inside… Sports




People’s Choice winner: Andrei Cristian Smărăndoiu 

Marian Bica

Marian Bica

Andrei Cristian Smărăndoiu

Andrei Cristian Smărăndoiu

Nominated by IEEE Member: Marian Bica

Animation Title: Smart Home – Improving Life Quality and Reducing Environmental Impact

Animation description: Smart Home is an internet connected house that comes with many modern advantages, for both a better life and a cleaner environment. Personal comfort is improved by controlling the air quality and temperature, as well as performing various tasks. All this, using our smart phones, few touches away. Security plays an important role in our lives and the Smart Home takes it very serious, offering fingerprint based entrance. Energetic self-sufficiency is provided with the aid of renewable energy sources and energy storing capabilities. The electric vehicle is also integrated in smart home electric grid, which offers an extra storage capacity when is parked.

IEEE Spark issue connection: Engineering Inside… Smart Buildings


About the Competition: The IEEE Educational Activities Board recently hosted the 2015 IEEE Spark Innovation through Animation Competition to excite pre-university students about engineering, computing, and technology. IEEE members, student members, graduate student members and IEEE young professional members were invited to encourage 12-18 year-olds from within their family, friendship circle, or local schools to participate in the competition. The member acted as a nominee and mentor for that student(s). In this year’s challenge, participants were invited to create and record an original animation based on the theme “Smart!” such as “Smart Homes,” “Smart Cars,” or other Smart technologies.

Winners receive an iPad Mini a congratulatory letter to their school, a t-shirt, and their animation announced and featured on IEEE Spark spark.ieee.org


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