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2015 Issue 1

Perfect Your Game with Sports Apps!

February 2015

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Mobile devices have made it possible for athletes to leverage technology on the field, in the stadium, or at the gym. Whether you are looking to be more physically active, improve your athletic performance, or immerse yourself in the world of sports gaming – there’s an app for that.

There are a number of apps designed to help you keep track of and get energized to stay active. The Stepz app (IOS) turns your smart phone into a digital pedometer. The app tracks number of steps, distance traveled, and weekly averages.  Colorful charts illustrate your progress towards the recommended 10,000 steps-a-day goal. The StepJockey app (IOS & Android), which is endorsed by the UK Department of Health, encourages taking the stairs as a way to get moving. This app enables you to print out signs containing QR codes which can be placed at the top and bottom of staircases in your home or school. Scanning these square bar codes with your smart phone sends information to the app about steps taken and calories burned.

The free NFL Play 60 app (IOS & Android), developed in conjunction with the American Heart Association, encourages 60 minutes of physical activity a day using a fun interactive game. The app essentially turns your smartphone into a motion-control game using the phone’s built-in gyroscope and accelerometer. Run, jump, turn and avoid obstacles to control your character. Gather coins throughout the game which can be used to outfit your character in team gear.

If you participate in team sports, you can find a number of apps to help you and your teammates track and improve your performance. For example, the CoachNote app (IOS) can be used to create play tactics for sports like field hockey and ice hockey. The app’s digital whiteboard can be used to draw up, animate and save plays and strategies. The ScoutCam app (IOS) enables players to get feedback on their swing, jump, or throw. The app lets you record your athletic movement and then share it with a teammate, parent, or coach for recorded drawings or comments. You can even watch your performance side-by-side with a star athlete or previously recorded video of yourself for comparison.  If you are a score-keeper for your school’s sports team, apps can make recording stats on a clipboard a thing of the past. The HT Pitch Counter Free (IOS) app lets you keep track of pitches, calculate pitch ratios, and even estimate pitch velocity.

tablet with football gameThere are a number of apps that let you play a wide range of virtual sports anywhere, any time on your mobile device.  With the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team™ app (Android) you can put together your dream team of football players from over 500 licensed teams and see how they stack up in a match. TouchSports Tennis 2012 (IOS) lets you choose your players and courts and use touch and swipe game play to control the action.

If you are a sports super fan, there are even apps that can give you up-to-the-moment news and stats on your favorite sports teams and events. Wimbledon, FIFA, and the Special Olympics all have free apps to keep you in the know.

Mobile apps have the ability to maximize an athlete’s potential, help teams reach new heights, or help players experience sports in fun new ways. The athletes and gamers of tomorrow will need engineers and computing professionals to develop new applications that marry a passion for sports and cutting edge technologies. Could you be up to the challenge?

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Perfect Your Game with Sports Apps!

Whether you are looking to be more physically active, improve your athletic performance, or immerse yourself in the world of sports gaming – there’s a sports app for that.

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