Engineering Inside:

2015 Issue 3

Smart Vehicles

Getting Smart About Getting Around
August 2015

In the future, upgrading your car may involve downloading a software upgrade instead of taking a trip to the dealership. From synching seamlessly with your smartphone to doing the driving itself, smart cars are the future of automobiles and the future starts now.Read More

IEEE Spark Has Been Discontinued

Following a strategic review by IEEE of its education activities, it has been decided to discontinue IEEE Spark. Previous issues of IEEE Spark will remain available until the end of 2017. Visitors can also continue to take advantage of IEEE’s other pre-university education resources including ( and IEEE (

Meet Mohan Trivedi!

August 2015

Mohan Trivedi is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of California, San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering. At UC San Diego he serves as the founding director of the Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA) and the Computer Vision and Robotics Research (CVRR) Laboratory. Read More

Design an Energy-Efficient Model Car

August 2015

One of the concerns of engineers working to develop smart car technology is making cars as energy-efficient as possible. In this activity, you’ll design a model car two different ways, using everyday office materials. Then you’ll test them out to compare their energy efficiency.
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Pedal Pusher

See what the Spark crew is up to!

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IEEE Spark Challenge

Think you know IEEE Spark? Test your knowledge of engineering, computing and technology with the IEEE Spark Challenge! Answer questions correctly to help your team move to the top of the leaderboard.

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Build Your Own Smart Car!

Engineering students at the university level and younger have opportunities to try their hand at designing smart cars through competitions.

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Smart Car Societies

IEEE has communities and organizations across all disciplines related to the development of smart cars that are dedicated to advancing technology.

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