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Rock Stars of 3D Printing

The IEEE Computer Society hosts a series of “Rock Star” events, highlighting new technology and presenting a panel of some of the major figures in the featured field.

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3D Print at Your Library!

3D printing can put the power of production into the hands of individuals. But until the arrival of affordable home printers, there are programs through libraries, schools, and camps, that can help you access and learn about 3D printers.

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3D Printing for Your Health

Imagine you live in an area of the world where doctors don’t have access to modern medical equipment. Imagine you needed a prosthesis or implant to improve your life and your ability to work. With access to a 3D printer and free, open source designs, the quality of available healthcare in your area could change vastly.Read More

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Upgrade Envy

See what the Spark crew is up to!

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Print a 3D Map

In this activity, you will use the same method used by slicing software in 3D printing to break an object of your choosing into layers. With the data you collect about each layer, you will “print” a topographical map-style model of the object, laying down layer by layer of material, just like a 3D printer. You will be “printing” a three-dimensional topographical map.Read More

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Meet Dr. Scott Hollister!

Dr. Scott Hollister is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, where he directs the Scaffold Tissue Engineering Group (STEG).
Dr. Hollister and his collaborators have designed and developed a variety of medical devices utilizing 3D printing, an area in which he has worked for 17 years, publishing his first paper in 1997. Read More

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Explore Wearables with Hands-On Kits and Camps

Want to try making your own wearable device? There are kits that can help you build or program your own wearable. Or, if you want a more immersive experience, check out a tech camp or workshop to give wearable design a try.

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Sharing and Securing Wearable Tech

The IEEE and its members have been at the forefront of wearable technology, working to share advancements and research, highlight security concerns, and develop standards for wearable development, communication, and security.

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