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Build Your Own Speakers

Speakers are in all sorts of objects you see and use every day—stereos, telephones, movie theaters, concert halls, iPods, and more. Speakers work by turning an electrical signal into a sound you can hear. In this activity, you can create your own speaker by creating an electromagnet and using a Styrofoam plate as your cone.Read More

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The Surface Area Effect

Large-scale particles and nanoparticles can exhibit very different properties. One of the main reasons nanoparticles behave differently is that they have much higher surface area than larger particles. In this activity you can try growing sugar crystals to explore how surface area can change at the nanoscale.Read More

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Folding Matters

Did you know that origami and engineering share something in common? Folding! From heart stents, to airbags, to collapsible solar panels on spacecraft, folding lets engineers fit big ideas into small packages. Test your engineering skills by developing a solar panel that can be folded into a box for shipping to the international space station.Read More

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Build Your Own Game!

You’ve probably played lots of computer or phone based games — but would you like to try making your own game? We’ve gathered and tested lots of available software and in this activity you can build your own game.Read More

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How to Recycle Your Own Paper!

Many towns encourage residents to save used paper products which are then recycled. But, did you know that you can recycle paper yourself in your home? In large scale paper recycling, the first step can be the most challenging: encouraging people to gather used paper instead of throwing it out! Once it’s collected, the paper is shredded and soaked in water or special fluids to break it down into fibers. Read More

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Explore Wearables with Hands-On Kits and Camps

Want to try making your own wearable device? There are kits that can help you build or program your own wearable. Or, if you want a more immersive experience, check out a tech camp or workshop to give wearable design a try.

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Sharing and Securing Wearable Tech

The IEEE and its members have been at the forefront of wearable technology, working to share advancements and research, highlight security concerns, and develop standards for wearable development, communication, and security.

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