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Meet Dr. Katrin Reitsma!

Dr. Katrin Reitsma has over 15 years of Research & Development experience in industry, government, and academia and is a proven innovator with 8 US patents, many international publications and contributions to wireless & mobility standards. Her general research interests are cyber security and cryptography and she currently works on user friendly solutions to secure all kinds of connected devices.Read More

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Meet Christine Miyachi!

Christine Miyachi has over 25 years of experience working for startups and large corporations. She is the chair of the IEEE Computer Society’s Special Technical Community (STC) on Cloud Computing and writes a blog about software architecture. She also is a principal systems engineer and architect at Xerox Corporation and holds several patents.Read More

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Meet Anuja Sonalker!

Dr. Anuja Sonalker is an expert in cyber security for embedded and distributed networked systems. She brings together a broad set of technical skills, demonstrated leadership and experience from working with government, academia and with industry leaders. She has lead various efforts in the past 16+ years in automotive cyber security, intrusion detection, internet infrastructure security, wireless systems security, sensor networks, security protocol design and cryptography.Read More

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Meet David V. Plant!

David V. Plant is the James McGill Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at McGill University where he has been since 1993… His current research interests includes silicon photonics, optical interconnects, photonic integration, nanophotonics, and coherent optical fiber communications. He has published more than 400 journal and conference papers, two book chapters, and has one licensed patent.Read More

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Meet Chris Steffens!

Chris Steffens is an architectural lighting designer and energy consultant in New York City, and a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Schaefer School of Engineering and Science at Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken New Jersey. Currently, he is advising the Stevens “SURE HOUSE” team at the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2015 competition in Irvine, California. Read More

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Meet Mohan Trivedi!

Mohan Trivedi is a Distinguished Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of California, San Diego’s Jacobs School of Engineering. At UC San Diego he serves as the founding director of the Laboratory for Intelligent and Safe Automobiles (LISA) and the Computer Vision and Robotics Research (CVRR) Laboratory. Read More

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Meet Dr. Scott Hollister!

Dr. Scott Hollister is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan, where he directs the Scaffold Tissue Engineering Group (STEG).
Dr. Hollister and his collaborators have designed and developed a variety of medical devices utilizing 3D printing, an area in which he has worked for 17 years, publishing his first paper in 1997. Read More

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Meet Stephen Hammer!

Stephen Hammer leads the IBM Interactive Experience Real-Time Events Practice. The Events Practice supports IBM’s live event projects which include 8 major golf, tennis and entertainment events. His team harnesses the power of mobile, social, analytics, and cloud technologies to build experiences for fans all over the world.Read More

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Meet Sean Burns!

Sean Burns is a 25 year veteran in the animation industry being involved in various high-profile projects… His work utilizes different animation and special effect techniques including stop-motion, Claymation, traditional drawn, Flash and Maya 3D computer animation graphics. Burns has also worked freelance running his own home based animation production company “Magnetic Ted Animation”…Read More

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Meet Maciej J. Zawodniok!

Maciej J. Zawodniok is Associate Professor of Computer Engineering at the Missouri University of Science and Technology (former UMR). Dr. Zawodniok’s research focuses on adaptive and energy-efficient protocols for wireless networks, network-centric systems, network security, cyber-physical and embedded systems with applications to manufacturing and maintenance. Read More

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Explore Wearables with Hands-On Kits and Camps

Want to try making your own wearable device? There are kits that can help you build or program your own wearable. Or, if you want a more immersive experience, check out a tech camp or workshop to give wearable design a try.

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Sharing and Securing Wearable Tech

The IEEE and its members have been at the forefront of wearable technology, working to share advancements and research, highlight security concerns, and develop standards for wearable development, communication, and security.

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