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Engineering to Infinity and Beyond

Imagine traveling through space, hundreds of miles above the Earth. The only thing between you and the cold, dark, space surrounding you is your spacecraft. Suddenly an alarm sounds! There is a problem with one of the control circuits. You and your crew are in serious danger…Read More

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Explore Wearables with Hands-On Kits and Camps

Want to try making your own wearable device? There are kits that can help you build or program your own wearable. Or, if you want a more immersive experience, check out a tech camp or workshop to give wearable design a try.

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Sharing and Securing Wearable Tech

The IEEE and its members have been at the forefront of wearable technology, working to share advancements and research, highlight security concerns, and develop standards for wearable development, communication, and security.

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Find a University

Search for accredited engineering degree programs throughout the world. Launch